Landscape Privacy Screen IDEAS
Image by planet_fox from Pixabay

Landscape Privacy Screen IDEAS

Fences are a great improvement for homes that will add value and privacy. The problem with fences is that they have limited heights and are usually only on property lines. Green screens can be added to strategic areas to give your home more privacy and an attractive addition to fences. Green privacy screens with living plants will add a personal touch to your landscaping and fencing. To give your fence a little accent, try using some of these green screen ideas that you can do yourself over a weekend:

1. Accent Your Fences with Green Plants and Climbing Vines

Fences are often a dull addition to your yard, especially if you haves materials like chain link fencing. There are many things that can be done with landscaping to make them less noticeable and your yard more attractive. You may want to consider adding green plants to the fence. Shrubs will add height to the fence, while climbing vines like ivy are a good solution to cover an unsightly chain link fence in your yard.

2. Use Tall Shrubs and Evergreen Trees

Tall shrubs and evergreen trees are very versatile plants to use in landscaping design. They can give you high privacy screens where a common fence is not enough. If you want to have more privacy around a pool or patio area, plant tall evergreen shrubs. To keep debris out of a pool, make plant the green screen outside of the pool fence and on the lower slope of a hill if possible. Planting on a hill will allow the tree debris to fall down the hill, away from your pool.

3. Combine Landscaping Structures, Fencing, and Plants

There are also different landscaping structures that are a great tool for green privacy screens. Wood fence privacy screens are great, and they are easily accented with plant features to add color. You may also want to consider structures like arbors and trellises, which can be used to train plants to climb and cover space to add the privacy you need for your home. A landscaping design service will also be able to help you with hardscaping to get more out of these features.