Landscaping IDEAS for Front Porch Area
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Landscaping IDEAS for Front Porch Area

It is the space at home where we sit and relax with a good book, enjoy a small meal or a snack, converse with family, friends, and neighbors, or welcome visitors to our home. It is our front porch.

Front porches are almost uniquely American and were a necessity before air conditioning as a place to sit and get out of the heat. A covered area enclosed with railings, columns, or screens – porches were popular additions to homes from 1880 to 1920. When T.V. and air conditioning came into our homes, front porches mostly disappeared. But today, front porches are back! They are being included in plans for new homes and added to existing homes. I think we realized all that we were missing.

How do you make the most of your front porch space? A lot of your decisions will depend on the size of your porch and how you intend to use it. Porches come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some are small, while others are quite large and even wrap around to the side. While decorating this outside room of your house, make sure to keep the style in harmony with your home. I have never had the benefit of owning a front porch, but love to look at how others decorate and use this space.

The use of swings and rocking chairs on porches are classic – what better way to observe the neighborhood or relax than with rhythmic, gentle movement. At Bucks Country Gardens, we offer an assortment of rocker styles and colors to complement any home. Furniture with deep seating and cushions you can melt into are also a great option for wider porches. Our large selection of durable outdoor fabrics makes it easy to find the perfect color or pattern for your porch. Low coffee tables and side tables are perfect pairs for seating groups and provide a place for food and beverages. All weather resin wicker furniture is also a popular choice. This is not your grandmother’s wicker; Bucks Country Garden’s wicker is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and resin wicker weave that will hold up for years. Our lifestyle team can assist you with any furniture choices that will compliment all porch varieties.

Add the accents that will give the space personality and warmth. Pillows add a splash of color, while outdoor lamps and lanterns add a warm glow in the evenings. To make your porch cozy think about the addition of an outdoor area rug. These rugs come in many colors and designs: whether you want a pop of color or just a softer neutral shade to provide a base for your furniture. If your porch is open to a busy street you may want to include some sheer outdoor curtains to define the space and provide more privacy.

Plants are also great porch accents! Beautiful green Boston ferns in hanging baskets make any porch so inviting. There is no need to get complicated here. On one front porch I saw a pair of soft, trailing asparagus ferns in two tall urns, which flanked the front door. Another option: place any of your indoor plants on the porch for the summer. Tropical plants enjoy the bright indirect light found on many porches. If the edges of your covered space get more sun, you can use flowering geraniums in decorative pots; they provide season long color and require very little attention from us in return.

Our greenhouse staff is happy to assist you with any plant choices for the lighting and style of your porch. We can combine shade plants, such as re-blooming hydrangeas, ferns, impatiens, and begonias in a container of your choice to create a focal point. Sunny spots on the porch can be decorated with combinations of sun-lovers: geraniums, trailing million bells, and sunpatiens. There are so many options!

Much can be done with your front porch to make it the outdoor room where you will want to spend time, relax, and connect with family and friends.