Landscaping Ideas PDF
Image by gene1970 from Pixabay

Landscaping Ideas PDF

The Country style garden originates from the renowned English gardens of the 1600s. Adapting to many changes throughout the centuries, this garden style has become ideal for enhancing farmhouse, Victorian, ranch and rustic architecture. These lush informal landscapes were originally designed for practicality. Farm animals, beehives, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs were the main elements while flowers were used as filler. The modern country garden style has developed into a landscape focused on dense plantings, flowers and traditional building materials.

Elements within Country gardens:

  • Picket fencing
  • Stone, brick, or gravel paving materials
  • Ornate cast iron benches
  • Arbors
  • Gazebos
  • Wicker furniture
  • Birdhouses
  • Sundials
  • Antiques

Country landscapes consist of areas that enhance nature and provide an intimate space for the user. Quaint, charming, and casual, this landscape becomes an extension of your home. Modern-day country gardens vary by regional and personal variations, but overall still focus mainly on plant material. Now ornamental grasses and native plants are commonly used in the plant palette of a country garden.

Common areas within a country garden:

  1. Garden rooms – Small open areas hidden among the lush foliage are often spread throughout a country style landscape. These areas often consist of a small seating bench, a table for two, or even a single chair as a relaxing getaway.
  2. Terraces/Gazebos – Are perfect for outdoor entertaining or can be used as a focal point placed in your landscape. Placed in the distance and only partly seen, these elements made of wood or wrought iron will provide a sense of mystery to your garden.
  3. Meandering paths – Although country landscapes are designed to not look pretentious, they are still designed to be functional. The irregular paths have a purpose and lead to desired places within the garden.
  4. Herb gardens – Are often seen mixed between annuals and packed into small spaces. Growing within each other will only increase the charm and color scheme.
  5. Self-sowed annuals – Okay so they don’t have to be self-sown, you can pick up some annuals at your local nursery; however, virtually all country gardens are planted with an abundance of beautiful annual flowers.

Country gardens are meant to appear irregular and as if there is no specific design. Geometry, straight perfect lines, or precise curves do not belong in this style of landscape. Focus more on the color scheme and planting design, making sure not only the plant color but also the foliage all contribute to a harmonious combination. This heavily planted, overgrown looking landscape is not for everyone; for those who enjoy a casual yard that doesn’t look like everything has been perfectly placed, this style has profound charm and extraordinary character

  • Pro Tip: Paint wooden structures or furniture white. White provides a crisp contrast with the colorful plants used in a country garden.
  • Pro Tip: Display garden tools as art. Worn shovels and rusted watering cans will add vintage charm to your garden.
  • Pro Tip: Hanging planter baskets are a great way to dress up a country style home. Try two or three along your porch.