Landscaping Ideas Pinterest
Image by dalegonzo from Pixabay

Landscaping Ideas Pinterest

It can be difficult to get clients to articulate what they want their dream landscape to look like. Pinterest can be a unique and familiar way for clients to share their ideas with you, but also for you to show them the work you can provide. According to a blog post by Sponzilli Landscape Group Inc., “[Pinterest is] a helpful visual tool for landscaping design and an even better opportunity to establish quality relationships with clients.” Here are some quick tips to communicate, connect and engage with your clients by sharing pins as you begin the design process.

One stop inspiration

All ideas and preferences are saved in one spot, Pinterest boards, which can make it convenient when looking for something again. It can be difficult for a client to describe what they want or what they are envisioning for their landscape. By using Pinterest, clients have the opportunity to save and share photos and inspiration with you using just a smartphone.

Creating boards

The main way to collaborate on Pinterest is by creating boards where, visual bookmarks, can be saved for later reference. Adding collaborators to boards allows the option to invite or select users to contribute to the board. A landscape designer can create and share a public or secret Pinterest board with a client to share landscape ideas and concepts. Secret boards are hidden to the public and may preference of a client. Public group boards, on the other hand, can be viewed by the entire Pinterest community. You can add multiple users, such as a client and their spouse, or a commercial landscape property owner or sub-contractors in the project’s process. “Reaching out to other people in your industry who are already on Pinterest is a vital step to building business relationships, ” says a blog on Maximize Social Business.

Finding pins

Any image or URL can be saved as a pin. When designing a landscape project, search using keywords or phrases for inspiration from pins already on users’ Pinterest boards. Clients can also search for images of eye-catching patios or plants they would like in their own yard. Have clients add in their own images from photos of their current backyard, from websites they’ve visited or any other design ideas they like. As the designer, you can upload images of materials such as pavers and stone in order to help match colors or help clients visualize details of the project.

Captions, comments, links

Use the caption option when pinning inspiration to add your own thoughts or ideas about a certain image. Commenting on the images allows for more discussion directly on a pin and the comments will stay there for future reference. After uploading your own photo to Pinterest, it can be edited to include a link (say your website’s blog or link to the product’s website), description of the image or location.