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Landscaping Ideas UK

I strongly believe in forming partnerships with a wide range of organisations and groups to apply my research, to achieve change and to generate research data. Much of my research is `research through doing´ and practice-orientated. As well as acting as a designer in my own right, and as a consultant to a wide range of schemes, I also contribute very regularly to `popular´ garden and horticulture magazines, and speak widely at international horticultural conferences. In the field of planting design I have been part of the movement that has operated in Europe and North America for the last two decades, promoting a more relaxed and naturalistic approach to urban public plantings, and gaining inspiration from the structure and processes in natural vegetation systems. Recent design and consultancy activity includes:

Research Interests

My research activity is strongly interdisciplinary, focusing on the interface between ecology, design and horticulture in urban green space and built development, and has an active interaction with industry, national agencies, and local community groups. My research falls into four major areas:. a) development of sustainable and innovative vegetation and planting design techniques; b) The vegetation, planting and ecology of green roof systems; c) Rain Gardens and other landscape rainwater management features; d) long-term ecological monitoring.