Landscaping Pavers Ideas
Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay

Landscaping Pavers Ideas

Wheelchair Smooth

This patio, clearly designed to be viewed from above is an exceptional example of modern subliminal design through the use of paving stone. The uniformity of manufactured precast pavers provides a very solid surface for the wheelchair bound resident because there are no mortar joints that can make traveling a jarring experience. Tightly set clean edges allow the beauty of individual units to appear separate for variation on the ground plain. The ability to blend the large gray square units in the main field with earth tone directional variation though to the cantilevered deck beyond provides a sense of division without barriers.

Dry Green

The arid climate and limited water supply of the far west drove development of truly believable artificial turf. Nowhere is the value of this innovation more appreciated than the ability to utilize contrasting bands within fields of simple square precast concrete pavers. Pavers more easily cut than stone make this diagonal application a fine opportunity to bring in artificial turf in a dynamic way, particularly at a site too shaded to allow real grass to grow. Perhaps more important is summer heats paving to such a high temperatures that virtually no living plant is able to survive, yet this artificial turf lends a beautiful lush look amidst the rustic Southwest feel of tumbled pavers.

Minimal Color

In the Rocky Mountains, the color palettes of paving are usually sedate earth tones that coordinate better with the drought resistant planting that’s typical in this region. This designer choose a simple three block pattern in a neutral warm gray with bands of dark brown accents to suggest in a subliminal way how furniture is used within the space. In a project with this much hardscape, it’s very easy to over-do it with masonry block color to potentially overwhelm the character of the space. Arcadia Design Group, Centennial, CO