Landscaping Small Garden IDEAS
Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Landscaping Small Garden IDEAS

Small, Shady, Landscape Planter

This is a simple, easy to create idea that can be used almost anywhere with any type of garden. Even though it’s for a shady area, it’s not limited to that. The plants can be adapted to almost any location that just needs a little something to take up some space.

Small Front Entry Patio

This design uses a network of curves to transform an odd shaped wasted space into an extension of the home. Using a small pond waterfall, paver patio, and a few plants, this front entry is an inviting entrance as well as a nice place to relax in the front yard.

Sunken Backyard Patio Garden

In this example we transformed the unwanted swimming pool into a sunken, brick patio, small garden. Although not many people will do this with an old pool, these are still cool ideas for creating a sunken patio.

Small Driveway Planter

Although this garden was created for a circular drive, it can be adapted to almost anywhere. It uses very little space while using different levels to maximize limited space.

Small Square Backyard Landscape Design

There are actually several versions of this square backyard design. Ranging from a simple sidewalk and lawn area to a complete planted in garden with a little lawn, there are several ideas that you may find useful.

Patio And Courtyard Designs

Small Patio Designs

Patio designs offer some great inspiration for landscaping small spaces. Generally confined to limited areas themselves, you can get some great ideas for planting schemes and decor from patio gardens.

Courtyard Gardens

Courtyards also offer some great inspiration. Generally enclosed and limited to space, courtyard gardens demonstrate how to use decor, wall colors, plants, furniture, and other materials to design a small space without feeling cluttered and cramped.