Landscaping with Large Rocks IDEAS
Image by Lisa Marie from Pixabay

Landscaping with Large Rocks IDEAS

A few large boulders placed close together can be used as seating or accent pieces.

Large boulders create boundaries in the yard, and add height and texture to make flat yards more appealing. The main problem with importing boulders to a new location is integrating them with the surroundings so they appear native to the ground. A random large boulder looks out of place if you don’t plan your flowerbeds and other landscaping features to work with the bold feature. Seek out local stone quarries for native stones. Boulders can weigh several hundred to over a thousand pounds, so prepare the ground for placing the boulders before arranging for delivery.

Make a rough sketch of your landscape design on graph paper so you can test the boulders in different locations without having to physically move the massive stones.

Dig out the soil to bury one-third to one-half of the stones; set the boulders in place and pack the soil tightly around the stone base. Anchor boulders in hills to prevent the rock from shifting. Position the boulder in the most natural position, with the most attractive side facing out so the stones don’t seem so obviously foreign.

Place large boulders as focal pieces in a rock garden. Complete the space with other rocks of different sizes and native plants planted in the soil pockets between stones.

Set one or more boulders of about 6 feet long by 3 feet tall around a fire ring or backyard patio to provide easy bench-style seating that blends in with the surroundings when not in use.

Add one or more large boulders to any flowerbed to accent the plants. Use the single boulder or group of boulders as the backdrop for a group of plants.

Place a very large boulder in a bare portion of your garden to add visual interest. You can leave the boulder as a statement piece by itself or plant shrubs around the rock to soften the hard lines and blend the boulder with the environment.

Use the large boulders as natural edging for a flowerbed; depending on the size of the boulders, you can use them as a retaining wall to hold back a gentle slope in your yard.

Line the front yard with large boulders 3 to 4 feet tall, spaced about 1 foot apart, creating a fence that defines the boundary line, but allows passage between the stones. Use this landscaping method if you live on a busy street with a house close to the road; the large boulders can help protect your front yard and home from runaway cars. Similarly, you can place the boulders in your driveway as a curb stop for parked cars.

Conceal unattractive lawn features, such as an exposed utility box, with a large boulder placed in front of the object. Be sure to leave room for utility workers to access the utility box.

Blend two parts moss with two parts water and one part buttermilk to make a slurry. Paint a boulder in a shaded location with this mixture to encourage moss to grow; you can also put the moss mixture in a spray bottle and mist the boulder. Mist the boulder frequently to keep it moist so the moss can develop.