Landscaping with Pavers IDEAS
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Landscaping with Pavers IDEAS

Pavers work well for pathways and patios.

Pavers provide a versatile and durable building material for a variety of outdoor projects. The blocks are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, styles and materials, such as brick, stone and concrete, for a custom landscape feature. Pavers are designed to lock together, making most projects simple to install. A paver landscape feature updates your property, whether you use the blocks to accent an existing feature or to create a new backyard feature.


A walkway directs the traffic flow through the yard while adding aesthetic value. A meandering walkway works to highlight various planting or entertaining areas. The pavers add more interest to the pathway than a poured concrete walk. Large pavers are more stable and less likely to shift than smaller pavers, while smaller pavers allow you to curve the pathway more easily. Pavers of the same design creates a uniform look. For variety, use pavers of different sizes, shapes or colors to add designs into the pathway. For example, create squares of small pavers surrounded by long, rectangular pavers as a border.


Pavers offer an option as borders for various landscaped areas. Installed at ground level along a planting bed, pavers create a mowing strip; the lawnmower’s wheels drive over the pavers so the blades can reach the grass along the edge. Pavers can offer a border option for a pathway made from loose material, like mulch or gravel; the pavers prevent the material from washing away and define the edges of the path. Borders defining particular areas of the yard, such as a play area for kids, can also feature pavers.

Fire Pit

A permanent fire pit creates an entertaining area in the backyard. Firebrick is best for the inside of the fire pit because it stands up to high temperatures. Pavers work well to create the decorative surround on the outside of the fire pit. Cutting the pavers in half or using small pavers works best, especially on a round fire pit, as the smaller pieces create a curve better than larger blocks. Mortar is necessary to hold the pavers in place around a fire pit.


A paver patio allows for a more versatile shape than a poured concrete patio. Pavers allow you to easily make rounded edges or odd shapes that fit a particular space. Like paver walkways, a patio made from the bricks allows you to use different styles to incorporate designs in the layout. Additionally, if a paver is damaged or stained, you can remove it from the patio and replace it with a new block.