Large Garden Landscaping IDEAS
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Large Garden Landscaping IDEAS

Before: This new-construction house began with a blank landscape. Image courtesy of landscape designer Rick Perry

After: This landscape design includes decorative crushed-stone pathways, a garden bench to enjoy the views and a destination flagstone patio to draw guests to the garden. Image courtesy of landscape designer Rick Perry

Before: The homeowners want an infinity-edge pool, a fire feature, an outdoor kitchen and dining room — and to preserve the view.

After: Now this dream home has an outdoor paradise that provides many modern features and keeps the view. Designed by Scott Cohen.

Before: Decks have eaten up this backyard; what’s missing is a comfortable place to relax and entertain.

After: A beautiful stone patio and fireplace, backed by plantings that will soon provide privacy, has become the family’s main gathering spot.

Before: This backyard contains the remnants of a former water park.

After: The water slides are gone, and a patio large enough for serious entertaining, plus a pool, now take up the backyard. The massive retaining walls have become vertical garden areas.

Before: In this forlornly empty yard, outdoor living space is confined to the deck.

After: From the deck, the view is of an inviting backyard that invites a closer look. A path wanders through new planting beds to a comfy bench swing. The side of the garage has been transformed into a backdrop for beautiful plantings.

Before: Foliage is nice, but this pool is surrounded by a jungle.

After: With the rampant undergrowth replaced by purposeful landscaping, the patio and decking get plenty of breathing room.

Before: The homeowners have room to expand their outdoor living space, but some regrading of the land will be necessary.

After: A green screen provides privacy for the new patio and pool. Low-maintenance plantings and mulch stabilize the slope.