Missouri Landscaping Ideas
Image by Yusuf Ari Bahtiar from Pixabay

Missouri Landscaping Ideas

The sculptor Michaelangelo was quoted as saying, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” It is with this same approach Specialty Water Gardens & Landscapes sees every outdoor space they are hired to transform. To them, an ordinary landscape is an opportunity to discover the luxurious water garden hidden within.

Having been in business since 2007, this qualified landscaping contractors’ goal is to spread the beauty of water gardens and other quality landscapes throughout the mid-Missouri area, including Columbia, Jefferson City, and other communities. They work with both residential and commercial clients to beautify their properties, whether that means installing stone walls, constructing paver patios, or filling a thriving water garden with specialty fish.

Thinking of getting a koi pond or backyard waterfall? Specialty Water Gardens & Landscapes can make your dream a reality! Because of their extensive experience, they are considered to be the one to call for your landscaping needs. This local landscaping firm is comprised of certified master gardeners and professional horticulturists, who hold degrees from the University of Missouri in plant science and landscape design. They are also proud members of the International Professional Pond Contractors Association (IPPCA), so you know you can hold them accountable for quality work.

For Specialty Water Gardens & Landscapes, aesthetics are only half of what’s important: Ecological responsibility is critical for a flourishing landscape design. Without concern for the well-being of the environment as a whole a garden or landscaping project becomes an eyesore, rather than a natural beauty. This is why the local landscaping contractors focus on natural and organic solutions for problems such as algae growth and mosquitoes. After all, a water garden that is a friendly habitat, as well as an aesthetic statement, is a masterpiece.

If you have been considering a new landscape design, Specialty Water Gardens & Landscapes would love to help bring your ideas to fruition. Call (573) 819-9025 to schedule a consultation! For more information about the Columbia, MO-based landscaping contractors, visit their website. You can also peruse images of some of their prior projects for residents of the Columbia, MO, area.