Patio Landscape Ideas
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Patio Landscape Ideas

Backyard Landscape Ideas
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Backyard Landscape creations in Morris County New Jersey aren’t just beautiful works of art created by blooming flowers, outdoor fire pits, outdoor kitchens, or artisan crafted stone walls. Backyard Landscapes are an extension to your home. A place to relax, breathe in the fresh air, and let go of the stresses of daily life. The possibilities are endless, and although bias, every backyard landscape deserves the sounds of cascading water to bring it all together. Below are a few ideas we feel are an essential addition to any outdoor room.

Water Features for your Landscape
Water features come in many shapes and sizes, from a small bubbling landscape garden fountain to a large ecosystem fish pond dotted in color with beautifully swimming koi. Maybe you want the sights and sound of a beautiful waterfall, but couldn’t be bothered with the pond maintenance of having fish. A pondless waterfall would be your water choice.

Fire Pits
Imagine sitting outside on your patio, you can hear the peaceful sounds of water crashing over the rocks from your waterfall, and to top it off you have a fire burning in the fire pit. The mesmerizing flames put you in a trance completely detaching you from reality. Smores are a staple dessert in your household and the kids leave their iPads inside to join in the festivities. Gas or wood, it doesn’t really matter, fire is golden in any landscape. Can you imagine?

An area to Entertain
You know your going to add an element of fire and water to your backyard landscape, now where are you going to enjoy these from. A patio, a deck, maybe a patio covered with a pergola? A bar with an outdoor kitchen is a great place to entertain and relax.
There are so many choices with this part of a landscape they can become overwhelming. Natural Stone and Paver Patios are the two most popular types, but there are hundreds of options to choose from. Where do you start?

We suggest talking with a professional, have a conversation to decide what you want, how you envision the space to look and feel. After all, it’s your space. Need help? Let us know.