Plants for Landscaping Ideas
Image by Francine Sreca from Pixabay

Plants for Landscaping Ideas

Are you a weekend yard warrior who needs help coming up with landscape ideas to turn your yard from an unsightly mess into a sight to behold? Here are five landscape ideas to help you create a beautiful yard, even if you have a brown thumb.

1. You can’t escape the streetscape

An angled bench and large flower pots create a very inviting threshold. (Photo: David Papazian/Shutterstock)

A good place to begin gathering landscape ideas is to go to the street and look at your front yard and those of your neighbors. Ask yourself about what you see in your yard and the yards on both sides of your house, said ? The yard that looks tidy will be the one you will want to emulate … or improve upon.” A guiding principle to keep in mind as you study the yards around you is to match those models with your skill level and time commitment.

One way to begin creating a fresh look that will change the appearance of your landscape without going to a lot of expense is to place a bench or chair on the porch or in an area near the front door, Bauske advised. For maximum effect, she said to “Be sure to angle it so it points toward the door.” Nothing says “Welcome!” more effectively than an outdoor bench or chair that invites people to stop and stay for a bit.

Another quick, easy and inexpensive landscape idea that Bauske said will add color and increase visual interest to your yard is a pot of flowers. Like the chair or bench, she said you should place the pot on or near the front porch. “Choose the largest pot that will fit the space and your budget, ” she urged. “Large pots not only make a visual impact, but they require less frequent watering than smaller pots.”

Better yet, with the pressures of today’s today’s time-pressed lifestyles, pots are far easier to maintain than flower beds, especially if you can find a pot with a compartment for water that will wick water up into the potting soil. Many garden centers will even pot a planter for you if you purchase the plants from their inventory.