Playground Landscape Ideas
Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

Playground Landscape Ideas

Growing up, our aspirations to the ultimate backyard playground probably looked like this. A modest slide, a few swings and a sandbox – what more could you ask for? But then we realized not all playgrounds are made equal. Some, like this one, are fashioned out of nature itself using wood and stone – literally. Some even resemble fortress-like complexes decked with gardens and lookouts. Others, meanwhile, are private sanctuaries nestled quietly in the backyard.

And then there’s the treehouse, that magical space that a few of us are lucky to have grown up with. And the only thing more glorious than a treetop getaway is a hybrid playground-treetop-getaway!

But we soon learned that even playground-treehouse hybrids aren’t all made equal, either. Take this one, for example. Need we say more? In due time, we adopted the philosophy that simpler is better. Besides, we were going to take this hermit-like play shack anyway, thank you very much. The enterprising among us might have even built an extension (check out that bridge!) Alas, we grew up in a world where backyard playgrounds look like this nowadays… Let’s just go back to the basics and call it a day.

Be sure to click through our slideshow to see our favorite treehouses.

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