Playsets Landscaping Ideas
Image by Markus Baumeler from Pixabay

Playsets Landscaping Ideas

These small backyard tips give clever decoration and strategic design ideas to maximize your space.

Many residential areas are looking to build more homes in smaller spaces. This means smaller plots, smaller homes, and smaller backyards. Whether you’re designing for a small home or small backyard, you have the same objective: maximizing space. Most homeowners want to use their space for outdoor entertaining and find it difficult to create the experience they want with limited space.

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Small Backyard Decks & Patios

Decks and patios are classic designs for backyards of any size. If you plan on doing some outdoor entertaining in the warmer months, these surfaces give you a stable surface for dinner parties and a dry area after a summer storm. While decks and patios will have some differences in design and functionality, their furnishings are very similar. You can utilize either design to make the most of your small backyard.

Raised decks are a great way to enhance your space and maximize the space in your small backyard. Many homes that have limited space in their backyard are placed on narrow plots where the homes are built vertically. You can apply the same principle to your small backyard ideas. A deck creates space outdoors that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You can have your outdoor entertaining space with a finished deck, but keep your backyard open and full of green space. If you don’t want a full deck installed in your backyard, a smaller balcony may fit your home. Balcony designs range from ornate Victorian styles to a simplistic space. A balcony’s footprint will be smaller than a decks, but the flexibility of the space will be much more limited. It’s the best fit for a home that wants a small raised deck, but wants the backyard to be the main focus. The beauty of a raised deck in a small backyard is that it creates square footage that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Not only are you creating the outdoor entertaining space on your deck, but you’re also opening up the space below the deck as well.