Sidewalk Landscaping IDEAS Pictures
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Sidewalk Landscaping IDEAS Pictures

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Front yard landscaping ideas can include many areas. Planting beds, driveways, walkways, privacy, and types of plants to use are just a few. Here you will find many ideas and tips to help you with your design.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Color

Your front yard presents to the world your home and a bit about you. It is the one people see as they walk and drive by. It is the one you see each and every day.

It also presents itself to your family and guests. So it is important to have it make you feel good and smile. When you drive up to it or walk outside your door it should look great to you. Your landscape should welcome you with attractive plantings, a nice driveway, and a comfortable walkway.

Is It Worth It?

There was a study done by the American Society of Landscape Architects in conjunction with Money Magazine. A recovery value of 100% to 200% of landscaping costs can be gained when you sell you home.

For foundation plantings, typically it’s a good idea to include evergreen shrubs so things are not bare in the winter. However that’s not to say you can’t have all perennials if you like. There are lots of different front yard landscaping ideas regarding this. All perennials can create an extremely colorful garden design.

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(Just a few of the many I have received from clients throughout the U.S. and Canada)

Oh, Susan!
We do LOVE this design. It’s everything that I wanted. I completely love that you’ve integrated Grasses and Roses and Purple Coneflower and Salvia and oh it will be beautiful. I cannot wait to have it completed!
Thank you!”
Jill, Maryland

Hi Susan,
Thank you for putting so much thought into the design. We really like it, especially the curvilinear shape with clean lines. I love the curved seat wall and hypothetical placement of furniture, the shape of the path, etc.
Elaine, Pennsylvania

“Susan, what a pleasure it was to work with you. You made me feel like I was your only client – responding late at night and always so quickly! Your design is amazing and we only hope we can do justice to it when we plant. You have such fantastic ideas and you are so open to suggestions and changes. Loved working with you – now if you could only come to Canada and plant it!!!”
Helen, Ontario-Canada

Not only did Susan come up with a design that gave me everything I wanted, she also gave me what’s most important…every person I have shown her design to has said “wow”.I can’t wait for the project to start so I can watch her ideas come to life!”
Margaret, Albany, NY

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Formal Designs

Front Foundation Plantings

Unique Ideas For a Special Look

  • A seat wall along your walkway – add this for interest and also a place to sit to enjoy your front yard landscape. This can be a free standing wall at the edge of the walk near the foundation plants. End it with boulders or low columns.
  • A front sitting area – this can be designed near your front porch as an extension of the walkway. Add a bench or even a seat wall to add something different to your walkway.
  • An at the beginning of your walkway – a very charming feature, but make sure it does not block the view of your house. Placing shrubs on either side will enhance it, as will flowering vines.
  • A trellis on a blank wall of your house – grow evergreen flowering vines on it to add some vertical interest. You can also use vines that lose there leaves but have nice branching for the winter.
  • Lots of perennials – flowering perennials throughout the seasons will add to the beauty of your landscape and provide great color. Plant flower colors that go well together.

Front of Residence With Circular Driveway

Entry Plantings

The driveway layout and paving are both important.

However, plantings will add interest and integrate it with the rest of your front yard landscape.

The driveway material should not shout “Hey, look at me!”

It should be beautiful, but subtle.

There are many front yard landscaping ideas regarding driveway materials to choose from that will fit your budget and go well with your home.

  • Plantings can be at your driveway entry. Beds of shrubs are attractive, but I like to add at least one tall shrub or tree on either side.
  • They can be along your driveway too. Use all beds, a few beds, or trees in the lawn creating a great front yard design.
  • Balance should be created on both sides. This does not mean that both sides have to be exactly the same.

Front Walkway Designs and Plantings


  • Your walkway should be nice and wide.
  • One which is a minimum of four feet wide will allow two people to walk side by side.
  • A curved walkway should start and end perpendicular to your driveway and front porch (at least for one foot).
  • Plants can be all along the walk or in a few nicely placed beds.

Here’s an interesting consideration. If you have a bed along your walk and are including both shrubs and perennials, which side should the perennials go on?

Do they go closer to the house or closer to the street? They are both acceptable front yard landscaping ideas. However, I like to place them closer to the house to create more of a garden when approaching the front door along the front walkway.

Plants Up Against The House (Foundation Plantings)

The plantings up against your house can include many types of plants. In fact, the more types of plants (I don’t mean all different plants…I mean types), the more interesting the front yard landscape will be. Any of these types can be used – trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcover.