Small Courtyard Landscaping IDEAS
Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

Small Courtyard Landscaping IDEAS

Create a complete, home oasis with front yard and backyard landscaping. With a custom, intimate courtyard design, your outdoor dream can become a reality. A custom designed courtyard can provide a central area for your family to enjoy. Courtyards allow you to feel the open, fresh air while still providing the privacy of surrounding walls.

Some courtyard designs allow extensions into the home, creating a flow of life inside and out. These areas are protected from winds, and with open sky, are ideal for designs that include plants, gardens, water features and more.

Creative Environments can create the perfect courtyard design – and in Arizona you can enjoy it all year round! We start by assessing your current space, discuss your wants and needs, and set a budget. Our professional courtyard designers will then create a custom drawing that shows the basic layout of your new courtyard. From there, it’s all up to the imagination.

In order to get the complete experience from your courtyard, it is best to incorporate functionality. Outdoor furniture can provide seating with spectacular views of water features, sculptures, or any other piece that creates interest. We will even make sure it looks picturesque from every angle, even from inside your home. We want your courtyard to match the style and sophistication of your home and landscape.

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“Right from the start, their designers did a fantastic job – listened to what we wanted and came up with a lot of really creative ideas… The follow-up has been fantastic and overall it’s been a really good experience.”