Walkout Basement Landscaping IDEAS
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Walkout Basement Landscaping IDEAS

A home with a walk out basement looks great, as it sits within the landscape. It is like the home grew up out of the surrounding countryside; however, building a walk about basement is a skill that takes into account the surrounding terrain.

Walk Out Basement Considerations

Almost any home can be built with a walkout basement. The only type of home that wouldn’t support one is when the entire basement is completely submerged under ground. When a home is built on a hillside and half of it is excavated for landscaping, then a walk out basement is an easy project.

Check the Grading and Slope of Ground

When constructing a walk out basement, you will need to first get the grade and slope of the land. Heavy excavating machinery is needed to level the land and dig into the hillside for the rest of the foundation.

Build Footers and Layout Forms

After the ground has been excavated, you layout the footers for the walls of the foundation. After the concrete has been poured for the footers, set up wooden forms for the outline and pouring of the foundation walls. While laying the forms of the foundation, leave an opening for the doors.

Install Door of Your Choice

Once the concrete has been poured and the forms have been taken away, then construction begins on the basement itself. After the sill plates and flooring of the home are completed, then you can have the door installed for the walk out area.

Constructing Walk Out Basement in Existing Basement Wall

If you want a walk out basement, and your existing basement doesn’t have that capability, you can still add it. One side of the basement must be exposed. If the area needs to be excavated, mark the area with stakes and let a backhoe operator clear the soil and dirt.

Mark the outline of the doorway you want to install. Using a masonry saw, cut the outline of the doorway. Adhere to all safety precautions and even have someone else on site with you. Concrete can get very heavy and fall easily. It is best to cut out small sections and remove them from the area as go along.

Add supports or beams if necessary. Install the door and seal it to ensure protection against heat loss and weather damage. Finish the landscaping and add a deck, patio, or walkway.