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Bakersfield Landscape Design

Horticultura – Hortus and Cultura in Latin means ‘garden cultivation’. First defined in 1631 by Peter Laurenberg, Horticulture is the intensive cultivation of plants. In 1678, the first use of the definition for horticulture was in English referring to the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.

Today, Environmental Horticulture is the science and art of improving the world around us with the use of plants.

The Bakersfield College Environmental Horticulture program will enhance students’ knowledge of plants, their uses, propagation, care, beautification, and business applications. The program encourages professional standards, a strong work ethic, environmentally responsible management practices, and constant evolution of course materials to meet the needs of an ever changing world. Students will learn the knowledge and “learn by doing” skills necessary to develop a strong foundation for a variety of careers in the horticultural industries, including landscaping, nursery, floral design, and research. Students will also be prepared for transfer and completion of their degrees at higher education institutions.

Environmental Horticulture is one of the fastest-growing segments of agriculture in the nation and professionals in all aspects of this active “green” industry are in high demand. Whether you are interested in greenhouse or nursery production, retailing or marketing products, golf course/turf management, or any aspect of the landscape industry, this is your field. Professionals in this industry are responsible for the production, utilization, and maintenance of trees, flowers, shrubs, houseplants, and turf grasses that are used to enhance the environment.

The Environmental Horticulture industry in California is a multibillion-dollar business. California is the location of some of the largest nurseries, greenhouses, and landscape maintenance companies in the United States and ranks as the number one state in horticultural business.