Landscape Design

Paving Ideas for Your Garden

The patio of every home plays a large role in the overall tone of the space. It can singlehandedly determine whether your garden will look modern or traditional. So you must choose the right paving design for your garden. 

To help you get started, we rounded up some of the best paving ideas for starters. While you can hire paver installation contractors, you can also give them a clear idea of what you want for your space. 

Limestone paving

If you want a more natural-looking paving, limestone is the best option. It is both cost-effective and durable. With a smoother surface, you’ll get the style of natural stone and a sleeker design. Unlike other stones, limestone does not retain water. This quality alone makes it suitable for rainy climates.

Mix and match

Paving can look boring when you use one material. You can get creative and match different materials to form a unique design. This makes it more sophisticated and gives the space an edgy look. 

A good way to do this would be to use contrasting materials. Use sharper colors for borders and switch colors for designs such as a circle. You can also use contrasting color or materials for the pathways to create a highlight in the space.

Add curves

Paving can look sharp and square without elaborate curves. You can fix this by adding curved edges to make it appear more natural and softer. This can be more tricky to add compared to straight paving. However, paving installation contractors can handle it easily.

Granite works too

Another excellent choice for paving is granite. It is both timeless and durable. Granite comes in different colors, making it suitable for landscaping. Also, the material is slip resistant, so it is ideal for a garden that is likely to be exposed to water.


Paving can bring life to your garden if done correctly. Use some ideas here to make the most of your garden space.