Desert Landscape Design IDEAS
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Desert Landscape Design IDEAS

While ideas for desert landscaping are often thought of as being the same as xeriscaping, it isn’t necessarily always true. Xeriscaping is actually a set of principles and methods for creating water wise landscapes and gardens regardless of style. Still, when a client tells me they want a xeriscape design, most times they really mean they want a landscape or garden that is of the desert Southwest nature. So today, more often than not, xeriscaping and desert landscaping ideas are referred to as the same design style.

Xeriscaping Principles And Methods

For the sake of the perceived meaning of xeriscaping, most of the pictures, ideas, and plans in this post represent a southwest desert landscaping style. However, for a technical understanding and the true benefits of xeriscaping, it’s first important to get an understanding of the true meaning and applications of xeric principles. See Xeriscaping Principles And Ideas. You will also find more good pointers and different ideas at Xeriscape Colorado and Xeriscape NM .

While the phrasing may be different from explanation to explanation, the basics of xeriscaping are all the same and very simple to use. Grouping plants, creating rich organic soil, terracing, and other low water use practices are simple common sense but aren’t considered into most landscape or garden design. With today’s awareness for the need of green earth friendly living, xeriscape principles should be a consideration in all new landscaping and garden designs.

Southwest Desert Ideas And Pictures

Again, while xeriscaping can be applied to most any landscaping or garden design style, it is most often applied to Southwest, Desert, Santa Fe, and Arizona styles. See –

Xeriscaping Ideas And Pictures
A collection of Southwest desert Santa Fe landscape design photos, ideas, and plans.

xeriscaping ideas
A collection of some of my own design ideas and plans.

Xeriscaping Plans
A collection of some the best xeric, desert, Southwest, and low water use design plans and ideas from other designers and sources on the web.