IDEAS for Landscape Design
Image by Rick Zern from Pixabay
Landscape Design

IDEAS for Landscape Design

The best plants not only look good in your commercial landscape, but they also don’t require all of your attention and resources.

Native and adaptive plants are drought-tolerant, resistant to diseases and pests, require fewer chemicals, use less water and will thrive better in local conditions compared to non-native varieties. Installing native varieties will help you enhance your property and also save money on utilities and maintenance.

Native plants are perfect sustainable landscape design options for your Austin property.

Central Texas has its own set of weather, soil and climate conditions that sets it apart from the rest of the state, making it important to choose plants that match the environment.

The climate in Austin is humid subtropical with mild winters and hot summers. It’s also known to have higher amounts of rainfall and flooding compared to other parts of the state, especially in the past few years. Austin is less humid than areas like Houston.