Landscape Architecture Design Ideas
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Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture Design Ideas

Introduction to the profession of landscape architecture and orientation to the department curriculum and learning processes. 4 lectures.

LA 170. Principles of Design Communication. 4 units

Term Typically Offered: F, SP

Overview of design communications for landscape architects incorporating the principles, techniques, skills and tools used in design generation, exploration, review and implementation. 4 laboratories.

LA 171. Principles of Digital Communication. 4 units

Term Typically Offered: W

Introduction of digital media applications, software and techniques for landscape architects. Principles, techniques, skills and tools for using digital media in design projects. 4 lectures.

LA 202. Design Fundamentals I. 4 units

Term Typically Offered: F

Corequisite: .

Introduction to the principles, methods and elements of two- and three-dimensional design in order to communicate intended concepts and meanings. Exploration of the basic design elements including composition, design process and the creation of spatial settings. 4 laboratories.

LA 203. Design Fundamentals II. 4 units

Continuation of ideas introduced in with the introduction of environmental and visual perception, including three-dimensional site design and landscape architectural design principles. Spatial design and sequencing of space with concern for human behavioral, environmental and natural site factors and generation of program, concept and design development. 4 laboratories.

LA 204. Design Fundamentals III. 4 units

Continuation of ideas introduced in and with the introduction of the principles of design theory, landscape ecology and technical applications. Problems of increasing complexity incorporate critical and creative problem solving, the relationship of aesthetics, response to human needs and design for sustainable environments. 4 laboratories.

LA 211. History of Landscape Architecture: Ancient Civilizations through Colonial America. 4 units

GE Area C3

Term Typically Offered: W, SU

Exploration of the continuous alteration of the landscape through recorded time and examination of how humankind has influenced this change. The metaphor of ‘garden’ provides understanding for agrarian regions, urban spaces, and vernacular landscapes of the world. 4 lectures. Fulfills GE C3.