Landscape Border Design
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Landscape Design

Landscape Border Design

April is World Landscape Architecture Month, a time to celebrate the work of landscape architects across the globe and to introduce our local and regional communities to the profession and the benefits of its work. In Los Angeles this is especially important as we continue to reimagine the city as a leader in 21st Century growth.


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Landscape architects in LA, and the whole of Southern California, are fortunate to practice in an area with an abundance of natural resources, terrain and outdoor living opportunities afforded by its Mediterranean climate. This is certainly true, but the benefits are opposed by an array of fragile conditions.

In Los Angeles future US and world challenges of drought, increased urban density, multi-modal transportation, water use/management, green infrastructure, bio-diversity, diverse communities, eroding shorelines and many more, are already here. As a result, the future of landscape architecture is being practiced here. Now.

At Duane Border Design we regularly work to find the balance between these opportunities and challenges for our communities, clients, and environment. Our everyday practices will be the future practices of many landscape architects throughout the world. This month landscape architecture in Los Angeles should be celebrated and recognized for its important role in our communities.