Landscape by Design
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Landscape by Design

Maggie earned a degree in Art History and then did hard time in the apparel industry as a designer and merchandiser. In a round-about way, she came to Landscape Design, a vocation that takes full advantage of her range of talents and skills. In her work she creates gardens tailored to the clients’ needs and uses and for the good of the environment that we all share.

Maggie holds a certificate in Landscape Architecture from the graduate program at UCLA Extension where she was honored to receive the Joseph H. Linesch Scholarship in 2011. She is a Master Gardener, certified by the L. A. County extension office and UC Davis, as well as a licensed landscape contractor (C-27). She is a member of G3: Green Gardens Group and also a professional certified by the EPA’s WaterSense labeled program.

Maggie served on the board of directors of the incredible Garden School Foundation for three years. Other volunteer projects have included advising on an “edible wall” garden installed at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and as an advisor to create a rooftop vegetable garden at Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN) on Skid Row as part of their Team Food program.