Landscape Design Bellingham wa
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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Bellingham wa

I have lived at this community for over 15 years. Since that time, the Association/Provider name locked. has had the opportunity to contract with various landscaping companies to maintain the weekly upkeep of the landscaping.

In my opinion, and MANY other homeowners share this, Provider name locked. . Landscaping Company has been the absolute WORST landscaping company we have dealt with. I would NOT recommend, nor even consider hiring this company for several reasons, such as their failure to complete each assigned weekly task to its fullest, failure to pick up sticks, limbs, branches, leaves, and numerous other deficiencies.

The homeowners refer these landscapers as “blow and go” as more than 50% of the time they fail to actually pick up the fallen leaves from the trees. Instead, the landscapers blow them all around the area into different locations, but fail to remove the leaves from the property.

Provider name locked. . landscapers have blatantly violated the provisions of Provider name locked. County ordinances and states by intentionally blowing and discarding landscaping debris into the Provider name locked. County Wastewater Storm Drains which is a violation, as the debris clog up the Provider name locked. County Wastewater Storm Drains, and any debris that manage to flow through the drainage system end up downstream in a stream, creek, or river, which again, is a violation not only in Provider name locked. County, but violates federal statutes regarding pretection of the waterways.

Employee(s) are rude and non-complaint, and complaints to Provider name locked. . supervisors are essentially in vain.