Landscape Design for Garden
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Landscape Design

Landscape Design for Garden

The 28th Annual Landscape Design Symposium
Analyzing the Wild, Designing the Garden
Thursday, Jan. 12, and Friday, Jan. 13
Evans Hall, Cummings Arts Center
Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut

Natural landscapes are inherently complex, shaped by intricate ecological processes and past human activity. A designer’s ability to succeed in the middle of this complexity can be greatly enhanced through careful examination of relevant ecological research and analysis. Join us at our two-day conference as highly accomplished ecologists and designers explore the synthesis of sophisticated analysis and creative design.

Featured Speakers:

  • Frank Gilliam, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences at Marshall University in West Virginia, will review the ecology of the forest herbaceous layer and explore how effective management practices can closely resemble natural disturbance regimes.
  • Patricia Drackett, Director, Crosby Arboretum, the Crosby Arboretum in coastal Mississippi is an icon of natural landscape design. Learn how design and management lessons from Crosby can be applied to landscape of various sizes.
  • Uli Lorimer, curator of Native Flora at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will demonstrate the power of making observations in the field and will discuss implications of these observations for landscape design, plant selection, and management of designed landscapes over time.
  • Frederick Steiner, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design will consider the work of pioneering landscape architect Ian McHarg and others as he explores design practices for the future that are grounded in ecology and democracy.

Sponsored by
New Directions in the American Landscape (developed by Larry Weaner Landscape Associates)