Landscape Design Greensboro NC
Image by Raynor Garey from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Landscape Design Greensboro NC

Landscape Design

The goal of our design efforts here at Edgefield Plant & Stone Center is to help you discover the possibilities for your landscape, to reinvent your outdoor living spaces, to make the landscape of your dreams the one you come home to each day. Each project is unique, but they each follow the same fundamental design process. The initial visit will yield both insight into the landowners desires and goals for the property and the critical site analysis, revealing clues to the topography of the land as well as qualities of sunlight/shade and drainage. After surveying the site and discussing your ideas it will be possible to prepare a design tailored to your desires, construction timeline, and/or budget. Whether it be a comprehensive master plan for your ten acre estate, an initial landscape for new construction, or just a little help in the perennial garden we are here to help.

Designs can be done in three ways:

1. Consultation: usually 1 hour, where you take notes, we identify would be plants and locations, identify existing plants and /or recommend transplanting, help remedy any problems and perhaps reshape your existing beds.

2. Our landscape architect meets with you on site and we draw to scale blue print like designs for your outdoor living space. These designs are billed on an hourly basis including time for consultation, site analysis, drafting and production time. The product you receive is a set of professional drawings illustrating your landscape design, a typed list of distinctive plants and materials specified in the design and a final consultation to explain the basics of the design.

3. Design help at our retail site. We can give you personalized design services on our site, you might be surprised what a little experience and imagination can do for your landscape. In preparation, ensure you have ample time, then bring pictures, measurements and know the light conditions of the area you are interested in working on. We can often accommodate you anytime but you can always call first to ensure a qualified individual will be available to meet with you.

Landscape Installation

We do complete installations. The members of our crew are trained, seasoned landscape…