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Image by Matteo Bergamo from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Landscape Design New Zealand

Landscape Architecture is the thoughtful design of the outdoor spaces we live in.

Shannon Bray, President
New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects.

For centuries, people have been altering the natural landscape, shaping it to our purpose. Whenever and wherever we do, our creations forever change the character of the world in which we live. But more than that, they record the kind of society we are – and aspire to be. Increasingly there is an understanding that – whether in a city, a school, a commercial or a rural setting – the spaces we consciously create (or unconsciously leave) powerfully influence the success of our living environment.

As we develop and debate the buildings and infrastructure essential to modern life, the role of the landscape architect is to help us make more thoughtful decisions about the places we share. To help make smarter decisions about spatial design, so that the outcomes we collectively achieve are functionally and aesthetically superior.

Designing with a lighter touch

The New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects is the organization that represents the profession of landscape architecture. We help to develop our members’ skills through our Registration, Awards and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes; set tertiary training standards; and work as the voice of the landscape architecture profession to Government and others.

This website is a showcase of our members’ work; provides contact details and guidance about how to hire, or even become, a landscape architect; and details what is going on in our world today. Welcome, we hope you enjoy what landscape architects have to offer.

“Landscape architecture is our opportunity to influence the world, to have a positive impact.”

Shannon Bray, NZILA President