Landscape Design Orange County ca
Image by Joe T from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Landscape Design Orange County ca

Initial Consultation

This half hour (minimum) service is designed to review your garden needs and to assess the current conditions of your space. Suggestions will be made and ideas will be given to give you a peak at what is possible in your space. Thereafter a contract will be written for full garden design and emailed within 48 hours after initial meeting.

Price: Complimentary for first hour and $60 per hour thereafter

Full Garden Design

Designed for those that want to redo their front or back/side yard.

Phase 1: Conceptual Design

Upon approval of the contract, creations landscape designs will prepare 2 concept plans to show different drought tolerant design options. These design options will be based on your garden needs, our vision for the space and your budget. Once you have approved a concept plan then, a visit to a nursery and a building supply shop will be made to get a firsthand look at the proposed materials. Design is ever changing and being able to have options, critique and voice your opinion is a must since this is ultimately going to be your dream garden.

Phase 2: Detailed Drawings

After a concept design has been approved and all the materials have been selected, then creations landscape designs will create detailed drawings that a landscape contractor can accurately bid from and your HOA (if applicable) can review. These drawings show the exact location of all hardscape, plant material (with the names, sizes and quantities), proposed lights and various accessories.

Phase 3: Install Supervision

creations landscape designs will refer up to 3 (licensed/bonded/insured) landscape contractors to bid the design and will meet with each landscape contractor to thoroughly go over the design to ensure that the intent is understood. You are under no obligation to hire a referred contractor and can (at own discretion) hire your own contractor or DIY the install. creations landscape designs will also purchase and place all plant material prior to installation. Regular site visits will be made to ensure that the project is being installed accurately and smoothly.

Service cost: $1000 – $5000 (price varies based on size of property)