Landscape Designers Las Vegas
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Landscape Designers Las Vegas

When you call on Cacti Landscapes Inc., you are getting the best product for the dollar. We facilitate all your wishes from day one. When you first call us we will ask you a few questions like what is your budget, what are your plans and what part of town do you live in. We will schedule a free onsite estimate at the best time for you. Once we arrive for the initial estimate we will again ask you what your wishes are for your yard and what your budget is. The budget is very important and most salesmen never ask that question. If we do not know your budget or plans, we can not design or estimate the project correctly as there are so many factors, sizes, colors and quantities to choose from. We will go over what we can do for you, like pavers, concrete, landscape design, landscape install, landscape maintenance, and repairs if needed in the future. We will print onsite within minutes (not days like the competition) a full spread estimate detailing the pricing for the product and installation broken down so that you can choose the real budget you want to stick with.

If you decide that you want a 3d drawing to get a better idea of what the property will look like when finished we will let you know what the deposit required is. Each and every project has a different amount that is required for the deposit depending on the scope of work that is involved in the drawing. 90% of the time a drawing to that magnitude is never even needed. I think the best way to install landscaping is “on the go”. This means that you go to the Nursery and just have a hay day and pick the plants the YOU like. Then the morning we start the owner and Crew will go over the entire project with you to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you have a large project then the drawing is usually needed. We will also do the drawing for any HOA specs that are needed upon the signing of the contract for usually free.

Once the project has started and the ideas are flowing we send our landscape foreman to the local nursery to hand pick all of your materials. We take great pride in knowing what to get for the customer. Most of the competition will either just have the materials dropped at the site with no specific care or even pick the worst materials because that is what is there and install it but tell you it will come back. Trust me if it starts off bad it will probably always look bad!

Throughout the days of your project materials will be flowing into the site and things will be going into the ground at a very fast pace. We strongly recommend that you are there right before the plants go into the ground. This may be on your lunch or break time as it doesn’t take to much of your time. This way you will see exactly what it is going to look like before it is in the ground.

When we do your project it has a warranty on the plants(not grass) for 90 days, and the irrigation is for 1 year. As long as you maintain your property your landscape should be in good condition for 5-10 years depending on many factors. The factors are how you maintain the property, what you like in style of new or used and if you have animals or kids that use the landscape. If you get landscaping done and don’t maintain it, it will not last for a long time. Plants do dye for no reason, water must be changed once per quarter, and weather does give a beating to the plants and trees. We at Cacti will help you in any stage of the maintenance to insure you know how to do these things. The second thing is the style you like. A lot of people love the landscaping as it is new and looks fresh and after 5 years it needs certain things replaced. This is your preference and it will only improve the value of your home by enhancing the look. Thirdly is the wear and tear of the property. If you have children or animals they can be pretty hard on your landscape. Most people with dogs do not understand how much grass they need for just one small dog, let alone 2 large dogs. So that has to be factored in with your budget when it needs to be replaced. One more thing is the roots of trees, they can hinder the grass from growing and the grass may have to be repaired around the 10 year mark.

One cool thing that Cacti Landscapes Inc. does for it’s customers is customer service. Many competitors will charge extras during or after the job that can get very expensive. With every job you can find things that should be extra but we pride ourselves in that we try our hardest to not charge for little things. We will usually come out for our customers for free even years after the original installation. We believe in our product and want to stand by it.