Landscaping Design Miami
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Landscaping Design Miami

Tropical landscaping is more than just a chaotic collection of random plants that look pretty. The best tropical landscape design in Miami is an assortment of carefully chosen and strategically placed foliage and hardscaping that brings the jungle into the urban jungle. When it is done right, it looks as if it sprang up on its own.

Choosing the Right Foliage

Large, leafy plants such as verbascum bombycine and rodgersia aesculifolia create a solid foundation for any tropical landscape. These create a foundation from which cut-leaf philodendrons and elephant ears can reach for the sky.

To increase the mystery of the landscape, the solid green backdrop these plants create should be broken up with some vibrant colors. Red Ti, Begonia, Persian Shield, Golden Dew Drops and others can add a splash of color that’s sure to bring a twinkle to your eye.

Sprinkle in the Sounds of Water

No rainforest is complete without a water feature. Adding a few strategically placed water fountains, a small pond with a waterfall flowing into it, or a natural pool complete with swimming fish will create a gentle and relaxing ambiance. Water features will also help attract birds and other wildlife that will bring your rainforest to life.

Whether you choose a water feature that resembles the Everglades or one that mimics a Mayan ruin, your water feature should see a reflection of your lifestyle and interests each time you gaze into the gently flowing waters.

Create a Place to Nest

Your rainforest should feel like a natural extension to your home and lifestyle. To that end, it is a good idea to include seating and rest areas in the design. You can make these areas feel more comfortable and spacious by including features such as outdoor fireplaces, chiminea or even an outdoor kitchen.

These features also will help you get added enjoyment when the sun goes down and the jungle comes alive. Coupled with strategically positioned lighting, you will pull the curtain back on the mysteries of the night and create an inviting place to relax and entertain guests.

The team at Plant Professionals can make your tropical landscaping dreams come true. Serving South Florida homeowners is our pleasure and we are delighted to recreate rainforests throughout the area. We invite you to contact us with all of your tropical landscaping needs.