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After being disappointed by an unlicensed landscaper in the past, we were a bit gunshy. So this time, we played it safe and went with someone who has a bona fide state license. I’m soooo glad we did! We found Chot Nguyen, sole owner & operator, on Craigslist and called him for an estimate. We were looking for someone to do general clean-up and fall pruning/beefing up of our back yard (assorted grasses, more than a dozen roses bushes and four fruit trees) which we’d neglected for at least the past 9 months. We also needed to re-do our front “yard” – and I use that word loosely since we are in the SF Sunset district, where the front is really only three strips of plantable area – and give it some curb appeal. Chot came out to do the estimate and it was clear he knew his stuff. He gave us a written estimate right then and there, detailing the work, the number of new plants and the drip irrigation work we wanted. The prices were totally reasonable so we signed right then and there and gave a deposit. (I also loved that he followed state law and didn’t ask for more than 10% or $1000, whichever is LESS) He started a couple of days later, and with the help of his son (love the family business aspect) was done in two days!! TWO days! Amazing! He selected the exact kinds & colors of plants and river rock we’d envisioned, did a great job with the drip system, and was very respectful of our property. He cleaned everything up when he was done, and hauled away all the debris. As if that wasn’t good enough – he called us the next day to say he was worried he had missed one spigot on the drip system in the back yard and asked if he could come back to check on it! Unbelievable. He came back, checked it, tweaked it, and did another double-check of everything. He’s definitely a pro and a perfectionist. I would recommend him to anybody. This has been one of our best experiences with a contractor!

Our neighbor was having one of their big tree’s cut down from their backyard. We had been meaning to also have our tree cut down too so we went to the lead gardner, Jose and he was very nice offering a great quote mentioning that he could do the work that afternoon. He had a team of 7 and we ended up having all the trees bushes and shrubs removed. Very professional and all done within a few hours. Highly recommend if you need any tree/shrub removing at your home.

He built me a beautiful fish pond but it keeps leaking. I called him many times but he keeps postponing to come. It wasting my water, my time and my patience. It has been 3 months since he finished the pond. He is not a professional for fishpond. He didn’t make it in a correct way. When I asked him to refund me some amount of cost, he refused. I think I need to find someone else to complete the work.

I have to agree with Tak.F below. I made appt & they never showed. Called them asking why & they said they are too busy that day & they promis to come on Friday without delay. But on Friday they never show up either! & texted me saying sorry they can’t perform the work! It really screw up my schedule since I have open house on Sat! What a unprofessional company! Not recommended at all.

I scheduled an appt with these guys and they pulled a no show, very unprofessional. Since time is very precious to me, I contacted them in advance to confirm the appt and they confirmed but said were running a little late. So I waited for another 30 min and called bk and this time no answer. I was ignored. I left a msg and a text with no response. Very unprofessional.

After browsing and searching through landscaping ideas, we decided exactly how we envisioned our yard to look like. The only problem was finding someone who we could trust to do the job right. Luckily we found Chot Nguyen who happens to be the owner of Homerico. After speaking over the phone he drove over to take a look at the yard and gave us an estimate, the price-point was very fair, once he started it took less than a week to get everything done and WOW, it looks amazing! he focused on sustainable and low maintenance plants which are to our surprise still alive and actually blooming. His quality of work is top notch, and they have respect for your property as they clean thoroughly after each day of work. Definitely will be using his services again.

After several years and a few botched attempts at doing it myself, I was looking for someone to install a travertine marble patio and irrigation system in my backyard. Chot came with a reasonable quote and was extremely flexible about working around my schedule. As we were discussing the plan, Chot was able to give some recommendations on slight changes to the design that might look better and he was constantly checking the work that was done. It’s obvious that he takes great pride in his workmanship. I had an irrigation controller that I wanted to install but I bought it online and it took longer than expected to have it shipped. It hadn’t arrived by the time the rest of the work on the patio was completed. Chot came back at a future date to finish up installation of the controller with no complaints and no additional charge.

After interviewing a number of people to take out grass and replace with rocks and plants, I found Chot Nguyen, the owner. He gave me a fair estimate and did a fantastic job. He even cut down some tree limbs my backyard neighbor was having a problem with. I plan to use him again.

chot has a lot of great insight, before we removed are pool we called around and he was the only one that we felt comfortable with. has a good crew that was there on time. he is fair in his price and reliable. liked his work and how he laid out our back yard. my wife was not too crazy about the pool removal but since all the work has been done with our new back yard design were out there more then ever. we have had him come back for some changes and his respounce has been great. plant selection was fine as was the stamp concert its has turned out better then expected not really knowing what it should look like when the pool was removed. would use him again.