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Better Surfacing for Playgrounds

Materials that provide impact mitigation during a fall at a playground for kids include rubber tiles, soft tile materials, mats, solid synthetic coating of both industrial production and manufactured directly at the installation site, bulk materials – sand, gravel, sawdust, shavings, wood bark, solid rubber coating.

Rubber coating is an ideal choice for equipping modern playgrounds and play areas for children. This material is characterized by environmental safety, durability, attractiveness. It easily resists damage and negative environmental factors. No toxic substances are used during its installation. The laying process itself is characterized by simplicity and high speed.

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Requirements for covering the playground

  • To ensure the safety of each child and the stability of the equipment, playgrounds should be equipped with protective fences and railings. The floor and stairs must have an anti-slip coating.
  • The playground must have a shock-absorbing coating. The material covering the landing zone should exclude injury to the child.
  • There should be no concrete curbs on the children’s playground, as well as coatings that do not meet the standards.

Experts recommend installing playground rubber surfacing both in indoor play areas (kindergartens, schools, gyms, entertainment centers) and on outdoor public and private playgrounds where children’s slides, swings, stairs are located. In addition, the repair of damaged coatings on playgrounds is not difficult – replacement is simply done: which is important with regular intensive operation.

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The colour scheme of the rubber coating is presented in bright and at the same time warm non-dark colors: red (terracotta), yellow (closer to mustard colour), green (dark emerald), brown, orange, dark blue, black, gray, etc. colors. This palette allows you to approach the design of children’s playgrounds with imagination: lay out surfacing in the form of a pattern.

The use of a rubber coating on the playground also involves the installation of a restrictive barrier, as which rubber curbs are recommended.