Pike Nursery Landscape Design
Image by Majaranda from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Pike Nursery Landscape Design

2101 LaVista Rd
Atlanta, GA 30329

(404) 634-8604

You can’t get better selection than here! My annuals have performed amazingly through the spring and summer!

I’ve bought about $1000 worth of plants from Pikes over the past year, as I’ve updated our landscaping and refreshed some of our beds. The plants I’ve gotten have almost always been extremely healthy and robust, and very few have died. Like a few others, I have not always found the employees to be terribly helpful (it’s hit or miss, some are really excited about plants, some are clearly there because it’s their job), and the plant selection is smaller and more expensive than Home Depot. My HD plants, though, have had around a 75% death rate, so I’d rather pay a little more for a plant that will live.

This is one the absolute worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Brought two plants (tall topiaries) back alive (but in a leaf drop Cycle) -they didn’t fit our space and was initially told to pick out what I wanted to exchange them for. After we had made our selection and were trying to check out, the assistant manager said no they wouldn’t do the return due to policy (I had a receipt and it hadn’t even been 30 days) Then we were just going to leave with the plants we had come in with, but they had already thrown one of my original plants in the trash. Eventually he made it right and let us do an exchange which is the only reason I’m not giving them one star. However, Pike has definitely lost a customer in me.

A HUGE selection of plants and trees but they are pretty expensive. The workers were friendly and eager to help out.

Stopped by to pick up some more herbs for the garden. It was the middle of the morning, so the store was basically empty. The herb selection is pretty small, even though it was spread out over 2.5 tables it seemed that they only had 3-4 varieties but several, several plants of the same kind. So… if you ever need 10 pots of basil, come here! I decided on a thyme and a mojito mint as well as another mint variety.During my shopping trip, there were about 3-4 employees milling around, but not one came by to ask if I needed any help. Also, if you do come, try not to wear nice shoes as the grounds will have puddles and dirt, cause after all this is a plant nursery. I only say that because I saw a lady in very expensive high heels having a very bad shopping experience.