Red Sun Landscape Design
Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Red Sun Landscape Design

Red Sun has a reputation of providing outstanding customer service, exquisite attention to detail, and a strong contractor client relationship. Red Sun has achieved this status by working hard to not only meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Michelle Austen, a native Austinite with 20 years of experience in the landscaping field, is the owner of Red Sun Landscape Design. With a strong experience in landscape design together with a customer focused approach, Red Sun will turn your yard into your dream landscape. Your new landscape will boost the value of your property and bring an uncompromised aesthetic and functional character to your outdoor living. RED SUN has an established track record with working on various residential projects.


Customers are number one at RED SUN! Every RED SUN client receives a detailed landscaping map and plant list before the physical work begins. This ensures that you will get exactly the kind of landscape that you are dreaming, and that you will be able to follow each step of the process. Your unique style and taste, and your family’s outdoor needs will form the framework for the landscape design making sure your landscape will feel as personal as it will be aesthetic and functional. RED SUN specializes in listening to their clients and translating their wishes into a professional landscaping plan


At RED SUN, we believe in establishing an ecological balance to your yard that will not only benefit the environment but also saves you on money and time. RED SUN has extensive knowledge of native and well adapted plants for central Texas and a practical experience to make a low maintenance landscape come true.


RED SUN utilizes a proven step-by-step design process. RED SUN meets with the customer at least three times before the design plans are presented as final. Taking time to truly get to know the customer and their property, will minimize any risks for errors and establishes a good communication throughout the entire landscaping project. A two-hour consultation is offered for customers wanting to get to know RED SUN and hear some preliminary ideas before signing up for the services.