Resort Landscape Design
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Landscape Design

Resort Landscape Design

-A panel discussion on the ideas and processes behind modern design, hosted by SRQ Media. -David Young will join Architect Glenn Darling and Craftsman Dale Rieke in a discussion about this new addition to the Ringling Museum campus. -DWY to present work at the Ringling Museum as part of the Center for Architecture Sarasota series featuring architecture and design in the public realm. -Fall studio with a focus on studying context, site, and atmosphere.
-Design project to address housing and site development issues with respect to the current refugee crisis and theDavid Young, along with Interior Designer David Lowe, and the original architect Guy Peterson walk CFAS members through the evolution of this modern beachfront project. A presentation to the Sarasota Garden Club on the history and work of modernist Landscape Architect Dan Kiley. This talk was in conjunction with the travelling exhibit of his work, made available by The Cultural Landscape Foundation.Architect Guy Peterson will guide CFAS members on an exclusive tour of this home showcased in the book “Naked: The Architecture of Guy Peterson.” The home features a garden designed by DWY Landscape Architects. Bringing together patrons and designers, attendees will enjoy a private tour of two DWY designed gardens: Aquadisia and Thirty Oaks led by David W. Young, ASLA.CMSA & DWY Landscape Architects: a behind the scenes tour of the offices of CMSA and DWY. Come and see what’s on the boards, speak with Cliff Scholz and David Young, and learn more about the creative design process.Elevating the Built Environment @ USF School of Architecture and Community Design, Tampa, FL