Savannah Landscape Design
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Landscape Design

Savannah Landscape Design

Our landscape design services at are based on the idea that an integral part of any land development process is the establishment of landscaped areas. Property values increase and curb appeal in enhanced with quality landscaping. Landscaping at our homes and offices enhances our quality of life. Whether it is the preservation of specimen trees or the establishment of new plantings, a properly landscaped development is good for the community and those who live in it.

Development permits are typically required from federal, state, and local regulatory agencies prior to the initiation of construction. Detailed construction plans and specifications of the proposed landscaping are often required to obtain these development permits. The purpose of Landscape Design Services is to prepare these construction documents for approval by the regulatory agencies.

The process includes a variety of services, from the development of a landscape theme to the contractor compliance certification letter. provides these services for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and recreation facilities. Projects range in size from the design of intimate residential courtyards to large-scale commercial sites. Our clientele includes private developers, architects, industries, state agencies, counties, and municipalities. Providing these services are experienced professional landscape architects and technicians. Our staff has the experience, creativity, and expertise to develop innovative designs for an unlimited array of landscape projects.

EMC is one of the strongest design firms I have worked with in the past 15 years. EMC’s expertise, experience and commitment have made critical contributions to our design-build team. They are our go to civil and survey design partner.

George Woods, Vice President, Lifecycle Construction Services

EMC has been essential to our City’s successful navigation through some very rapid growth over the last 18 years. EMC has been extremely responsive to our needs providing quality recommendations and over site in more than $25, 000, 000 in Water, Sewer, Waste Water Treatment, Roads and Recreational projects for the City of Rincon, in just the past 8 years. EMC has provided the professional service that has helped our city build quality relationships with in our state and community. We look forward to future possibilities with EMC as our engineers.

Wesley Corbitt, City Manager, City of Rincon

EMC is a quality organization that produces work quickly and with professionalism. Their designs are accurate, cost conscious, met safety requirements, and their creative ideas save money and reduce construction time. They are a “hands on” company that will remain with you throughout the project and be there to handle any unforeseen situations that may arise during construction. Based on their exceptional performance on past and current projects, we are pleased to recommend EMC Engineering Services for all of your design needs.