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Thompson Landscape Design

Maryann Thompson is Professor in Practice of Architecture in the Department of Architecture. She was educated at Princeton University and the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, where she is a member of the Architecture faculty and teaches options studios. She founded Maryann Thompson Architects in 2000; prior to that she was a founding partner of Thompson and Rose Architects. She specializes in architecture that is sustainable, regionally driven and that attempts to heighten a sense of its immediate site and landscape. Her architectural investigations revolve around such concerns as the creation of a rich and thoughtful edge between inside and outside, utilizing light as a material, and employing warm, natural materials in order to accentuate a sense of place. Maryann carries degrees in both architecture and landscape architecture, bringing to her practice an interdisciplinary approach where issues of site and landscape are central to design thinking.

Her work has been widely published in Landscape Architecture Magazine, Insite, Art New England, Progressive Architecture, Architecture, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, A+U and in various architectural books, including Norton’s A Guide to 250 Key Twentieth-Century American Buildings, 40 Under 40, and Contemporary American Architects. Her work has received numerous awards and honors, including two AIA National Honor Awards and numerous AIA New England Design Honor Awards and BSA Honor Awards for Design Excellence, as well as the AIA National Young Architects Citation which remarks that Maryann “has made a significant contribution to architecture. Her work reconnects architecture with the landscape and celebrates tectonics, materials, and a poetic approach to design.”