Tropical Plant Landscape Design
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay
Landscape Design

Tropical Plant Landscape Design

The Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Science’s Landscape Horticulture Option prepares students for exciting and diverse careers in the landscape industry. UH Mānoa is centered within the Pacific rim, and is the only U.S. landscape program for sub-tropical and tropical environments, making studying at UH Mānoa a unique experience.

The landscape horticulture option will prepare students to effectively design, install. and maintain landscapes that include trees, shrubs, flowers, house plants, and turfgrass that are used to enhance the environment. Students of the program learn theoretical foundations, which lead to a practical understanding and implementation of how to produce environmentally and economically sustainable landscapes.

The landscape industry in Hawai’i is a multi-million dollar business incorporating landscape nurseries. landscape architects, landscape contractors, arborists, and landscape maintenance, and interior landscape companies. Hawai’i has lush resorts. parks. recreation and athletic fields, world class golf courses, master planned residential communities, and a variety of commercial projects. which offer TPSS students excellent opportunities to choose from upon graduation.

Students selecting this option need to take BOT 101/101L (or their equivalent) or BIOL 172/172L (or their equivalent) and CHEM 161/161L and CHEM 162/l62L (or their equivalents) to fulfill the natural science requirement of the UH Mānoa Core. These are considered prerequisite to some upper division courses in the major.