Tiered Backyard Landscaping IDEAS
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels
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Tiered Backyard Landscaping IDEAS

Curved Stone Walls and Fences Add Depth to A Backyard’s Platform Seating Area

Tiers of stone walls and wooden fences add depth and layers to a backyard garden’s sparsely planted shrubbery and topiary. A sloping natural stone formation draws the eye downward to a platform seating area where a fire pit of inlaid stonework complements a stone bench embedded with warm accent lighting.


An Inlaid Stone Fire Pit Adds Warmth and Brightness to a Backyard Landscape

At night, the curved inlaid stonework flooring of a platform seating area shines under the warm light of a curved stone bench embedded with electric accent lighting. That warm lighting is a complement to the centerpiece stonework fire pit. In the distance, a tiered water feature trickles water to a small enclosed pond, all of which doubles as a natural border enclosing the backyard landscape.


A Fire Pit Adds Dramatic Color and Warmth to a Backyard’s Stone Wall Landscape

A backyard landscape rippling with the texture of an inlaid stonework fire pit and curving pathways is complemented by the addition of sloping stone walls that arc around a verdant lawn and stone accented shrubbery and topiary features. At night, the space is dramatically lighted by both the fire pit and electric accent lighting installed beneath stone benches.


Sloping Stone Walls and Flooring Define a Backyard Landscape

Tiers of sloping fences, stone walls, and shaped rock formations border a platform seating area patterned with inlaid stonework housing a stonework fire pit and benches. Accent lighting beneath the benches reflect upon the stonework and complement the pit’s flames. Outdoor seating adds added texture to the scene, and provides views of the topiary landscape.


A Backyard Landscape’s Platform Seating Area Faces a Stonework Fire Pit

A platform seating area built upon inlaid stonework flooring is home to a stone fire pit and bench. The bench is embedded with accent lighting that complements the fire’s warm glow, while outdoor seating made of woven wicker complements the landscape’s rich texture. In the distance, a tiered garden rich in topiary features and formed by sloping stone walls provides depth and privacy to the home’s occupants.