Boxwood Landscaping Ideas
Image by Q K from Pixabay

Boxwood Landscaping Ideas

Saluting the French style, this garden features French boxwood parterres and fountains. As a formal garden, boxwoods are sculpted into geometric shapes along the lawn walkway.

Boxwood Garden

Contemporary style doesn’t have to mean steel and glass; it can, as shown here, mean a new interpretation of a traditional topiary and flower garden.

Boxwood Arches

Boxwood is a feature of many gardens, but this inventive gardener trained hers into these unique arches.

Boxwood Topiary

A terracotta pot makes the ideal base for a show-stopping arrangement of clipped boxwoods with a sedum base.

Boxwood Hedge and Hosta

These boxwood hedges create the perfect barriers in this beautiful garden.

Trimmed Boxwood Hedge Provides Structural Screen

Trimmed boxwood hedges provide a sturdy and structural screen for the soft romantic plantings in this early summer garden.

Clipped Boxwoods Featured in Metal Pots

A row of clipped boxwoods create visual interest in tall metal planters, as well as hide fence panels in this small space.

Linear Structure of Boxwood in Traditional Garden

Boxwood has fine, deep green leaves and makes the perfect low growing hedge plant for edging a pathway or formal garden. Its low, dense foliage lends itself to shearing and creating a variety of looks for the garden design.

Boxwood Grow Freely or Clipped Into Hedge

Common Boxwood, or Buxus sempervirens, is a fine textured plant that grows slowly into a billowing mound of soft foliage. Flowers have a distinctive aroma. Boxwood makes a beautiful clipped hedge, lending a formal air to any landscape.

Formal Entry Created by Clipping Hedge

Formal entries and divisions made from clipped hedges help create intrigue and focal points. Here, an archway has been created by clipping a boxwood hedge into the desired shape.

Zig Zag Hedge Divides Garden Border from Walkway

Boxwood is shaped to form a zig zag design bordering the walkway and steps leading from one terrace to another. The linear shapes help define the space and bring an artful interest to the space.

Linear Plan in Formal Garden Layout

A formal garden layout with an abstract design in boxwood, gravel and timber delights guests as they descend the stairs into this spectacular space.

Garden Symmetry

A simple idea is sometimes the best. Squares of boxwood set in a symmetrical pattern create a quirky display that keeps the focus on the center of the yard.

Parterre Made from Hedges Laid Out in Patterns

A parterre is made from hedges laid out in formal patterns and flowerbeds. Plants used must have a dense growing habit and also be tolerant of clipping. Boxwood or yew work well.

Water Lilies Soften Squared Edged Pond

Surrounding grasses and water lilies help to soften the square edges of this traditional lily pond. Clipped boxwood topiaries add to the formal look.

Morning Lit Topiaries

Boxwood spheres are laid out in a strictly formal pattern, and cast intriguing shadows across the smooth lawn.

Sculpted Love

These formal hedges offer a touch of whimsy with their heart shape form. Inside the romantic hedging, bright red begonias heighten the romantic feel.

Schloesser Augustusburg, Germany

Parterre party! Formal designs with miniature boxwoods and pansies flourish in the wide open spaces of this baroque Rhineland garden. Tip: Experiment with boxwood design, then make room to add buds. Photo courtesy of Karl Gercens.

Patio Dynasty

An impressive lineup of American Boxwood globes in concrete pots adds a touch of grandeur to an outdoor patio.

Domed Borders

A pool is flanked by domes of boxwood and Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ at the Wollerton Old Hall in Shopshire, England. Beyond this tranquil pool is another garden room behind the hedge and beyond that hedge is a beautiful cottage home.

Knot Garden

Formally designed knot gardens like this one at the entrance to writer and hostess Danielle Rollins’ Atlanta home, can be traced back to Elizabethan England where they were often used to contain culinary herbs. Knot gardens are often composed of boxwood, including Rollins’ which is formed from Japanese boxwood.

Beautiful Edible Garden

This beautiful edible garden benefits from a perimeter of boxwood and sparse plantings of edibles that create a dynamic design out of lettuces, squash and other vegetable garden standards.

Walled Garden

Espaliered fruit trees and clipped boxwoods enunciate this gate leading to storage and other utilitarian garden necessities. There are myriad ways to mask unsightly features of the garden with gorgeous design.