Best Landscape Design Software
Image by Luis J. Albizu from Pixabay
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Best Landscape Design Software

I am a professional landscape designer and I have been using Realtime Landscaping Architect for several years. I have done a lot of research into other products but I don’t believe there is anything that comes close to this one. It’s extremely versatile — you can make very accurate and visually appealing plan drawings, create life-like 3D scenes and do a virtual walk through them, and make realistic images by designing over photographs of a landscape. One thing that I really like about it is that everything a designer creates in plan view is also simultaneously and automatically created in perspective view, so while you are creating a two-dimensional plan you are also creating a three-dimensional scene at the same time. It is also much easier to learn use than anything else I have seen on the market, and the price can’t be beat. You could spend thousands on other landscape design software and still not be able do what you can with Realtime Landscaping Architect.