How to start a cleaning company from scratch
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Clear business: how to open a cleaning company

A lot of people are wondering “How to start a house cleaning business?” You can create a cleaning company not only for the house, but also for the yard, maintaining the good condition of the garden and landscape.

Owning a business is the dream of many dwellers, but there are lots of things that must be concerned when deciding to have your own business.

Order equipment and purchase consumables

Order equipment and purchase consumables
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When the company has already been registered and the premises have been found, it’s time to stock up on cleaning supplies. Buy you should have only professional chemicals and special equipment. Ordinary aerosols, gels and powders from the nearest store will not suit that business. Otherwise, what is the difference between your cleaner and cleaning customer? With store-bought household chemicals, a customer can clean a house or office on his own. He expects only qualified work from you. Depending on the dirt and surface, you will need consumables, tools and equipment for different types of cleaning. Sales managers of supplier companies will help you with this. It is perfect when each worker has his own cleaning kit.


hiring good staff
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Be sure that hiring good staff will be hard. Good cleaning is more than just wiping the floors and cleaning the plumbing. Post a job on popular recruitment resources, advertise in job search newspapers, or use the services of recruitment agencies. You can meet 500 people, of which you will have at best five smart and professional employees. For starters, this amount of staff is enough for you.