Light up your house
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Light up your house, not burn it down

Lighting can be a wonderful addition to your professional landscape design.

professional landscape design
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It can be a garland hanging in tails from the roof of your house or the illumination of the driveway. You can also light up your garden.

But it is important to understand that you will connect all cables to an internal energy source in your home. Such a colossal amount of electricity at a time can cause the entire system to malfunction.

For this reason, before you engage in outdoor lighting, you need to make sure that your wiring in the house is working properly. To do this, there are various companies that are legally required to conduct such an inspection once every 5 years and compile an Electrical Installation Condition Report for you and your landlord, if you rent a house.

The state began to demand such a report, if this law is not implemented, a fine of £30,000 is imposed.

Also, you can’t wait for this check if you have already noticed obvious signs that your wiring is faulty and requires replacement.

You should pay attention to:

pay attention to
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
  • All cables that are available to you for review. Do not touch all cables that are hidden behind the wall, during the inspection, specialists will analyze them themselves.
  • Fuse box, especially older models
  • Old-fashioned round sockets and those that are built into the baseboards.

If you notice any malfunction or something suspicious, then call the service, which will make an EICR for you.

Only after these actions, you can take care of the external lighting of your house in the dark with a calm soul.