Florida Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas
Image by ADD from Pixabay

Florida Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

For many of us, low maintenance landscaping is a priority. The long months of heat and humidity can make working outdoors uncomfortable.

Our lifestyles are busy or relaxed, and puttering about in the garden is more of a chore than an enjoyable pastime for some.

Planning an easy-care landscape means using non-fussy plants.

These don’t require much work…self-cleaning palms (or ones that require little trimming), “clean” trees, and shrubs that don’t beg for a frequent trim to look good.

Slow growing plants mean less trimming. And trimming is the most frequent garden chore.

Slow growers podocarpus or dwarf yaupon holly are often kept manicured, but you can let them grow naturally – they have a beautiful form that you can trim to shape just a few times a year.

Here are two collections of plants to use that will keep your property looking good without a lot of work. All are for full to part sun.

You can always add different things – even a few with a bit more maintenance, since the basic plants are easy care – to customize your design.

Collection #1

1. Croton – accent

2. Liriope – border, groundcover, foundation

3. Alexander palm

4. Variegated pittisporum – hedge

5. Crown of thorns – border, accent