Garden Landscape IDEAS for Small Garden
Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay

Garden Landscape IDEAS for Small Garden

A traditional gravel path gets an update thanks to decorative stone chips and staggered Eden dimension stones that provide a landing spot and engage the eye. Stone edging keeps the gravel in line.

Strong Geometry

Crushed rock interspersed with bluestone lends appealing layers of visual texture to this path. The design is anchored by a repetition of rectangular forms.

Elegant Entry

Freeform slabs of Tennessee fieldstone and Pennsylvania bluestone create a rustic pathway that enhances the cottage air of the house and grounds. Colorful perennials and groundcovers are sprinkled along the edges.

Curve Ahead

Highlands granite steppingstones undulate across a fescue lawn and beckon toward the gate in the distance. Mazus reptans, with purple blossoms that add depth and dimension to the setting, line the path on either side.

Built-In Rest Stop

Oversized steppingstones function like a stairway as this path ascends along the sloped garden. A custom stone bench provides a spot to perch and take in the plantings and wildlife.

Straight and Narrow

Pavers set on the diagonal draw the eye straight toward the entrance of this home. Dwarf monkey grass planted between them emphasizes their diamond pattern and gives the path dimension.

Small Wonder

A short but striking path leads to a water feature in the center of this garden. The modern, minimalist pavers contrast with the traditional style of the plantings.

Beautiful Side Yard

A neglected side yard became a garden in its own right, thanks to an intricate flagstone path that connects the front yard to the back. The allée of Italian cypress trees helps to elongate the space visually, while the stonework pattern keeps it from feeling too narrow.


Intricate gravel paths edged in brick wind through this garden, which evokes classic parterre designs. Fragrant flowers, herbs and vegetables provide moments of discovery along the way.

Easy Access to the Backyard

Bluestone chips fill the joints between these minimalist, modern steppers, which allow the homeowner to reach the side of the house from the garage. Because the path is in the front yard, plantings help screen it.

Good Flow

Concrete paths entwine at the front entrance of this sleek and modern home. Their curvaceous shape takes the edge off the home’s hard angles and fosters a more inviting atmosphere.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite (essentially, granite worn down into particles) is compacted into a rustic Southwestern-style path. Small boulders along the edge enhance the desert-like feel.


A fieldstone path leads the gaze away from a brightly colored home and cedar pergola, punctuated by sculptures, specimen plants and other pockets of visual interest along the way. Blue spruces frame the path’s entry point, while layered plantings create a sense of intrigue about the garden and grounds beyond.

A Touch of Terra Cotta

French limestone and concrete combine for a spacious path that ties together the public and private sides of the home. Freeform tumbles of plantings around and between the stones lend a casual feel.

Formal Flair

A wet laid full-range bluestone path anchors this formal garden. Its crossway shape connects the driveway, fireplace area, lawn and an entertainment patio.

Uptown Bluestone

Bluestone flagging, reclaimed from Central Park in New York City, creates a strong, linear path that meanders beneath a log-and-stone archway.

Bluestone and Brick Diamonds

Because the space that encloses this path is a slim 4 feet across, Pennsylvania bluestone-and-brick steppers turned on the diagonal make it appear larger. The placement also provides more room to tuck in plantings.

Broken Beauty

This irregular bluestone path provides a transition between the front yard and backyard. Creeping thyme and more flowering plants fill the gaps between the stones and give off an appealing scent underfoot.

Checkerboard Look

Boxwood shrubs flank square brick stepping stones placed in a checkerboard pattern along this side lawn. The composition creates an engaging mix of formality and playfulness.

A Relaxing Stroll

Large, field-collected Pennsylvania steppingstones are sunken in a grassy corridor to create a mosaic effect. The path has a slightly Old World feel that suits the dreamy, enchanted-forest setting.

Stone-Look Pavers

Pavers in this pathway create the effect of natural stone. Bluestone slate and boulders add to the realistic feel.

Pathways and a Moat

Organically flowing paths, fashioned from landscape timbers, wood chips and steppingstones, transform a bland, little-used yard into a lovely retreat. The paths bridge the front and rear of the home, linking them with the deck and leading to street access via the woods. A Goshen stone slab spans the stream and helps to protect fish from predators.

Repurposed Bricks

Antique brick steppingstones bisect this lawn. The classic herringbone pattern is set in a series of squares that reinforces the strong geometric design.

Modern Marvel

Perfect for modern landscapes and slim side yards, this path features 18″x18″ architectural slabs laid as stepping stones. Ground cover plantings eventually will grow into the space between the slabs.

Flagstone to Match the House

A casual entry path points visitors toward this home’s side door, which serves as the main entrance. Extra-thick, irregular natural cleft flagstones are softened by creepers and plantings that can withstand foot traffic.