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How Can I Use a Side Table?

On the side table, you can store everything that should be at your fingertips, but at the same time do not violate the ideal picture of the interior, so as not to occupy a useful area with bulkier pieces of furniture.

Such an “organizer” of an additional place from the OIXDESIGN for the location of the necessary things will make the rest even more comfortable.

Application options:

  1. You can put a book, phone or put a cup of coffee.

Put a laptop or a plate of soup so that you can have lunch without getting out of bed or sofa. Such a table makes life much easier for people who are prescribed bed rest.

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In addition, the OIXDESIGN’s Marble Accent Table is equipped with wireless charging, so you can put your phone down and forget about the wires and not worry about charging your phone if you need to go somewhere.

  1. You can use the table as a pedestal on which you can display your collection of photographs and souvenirs.

Moreover, the OIXDESIGN approaches the creation of furniture with an environmentally friendly and waste-free approach. Furniture will serve you for a long time as an interior item, given that you can move it quite easily to another place.

  1. You can put some original thing that will complement the interior, for example, a vase with flowers or an extraordinary reading lamp.

The design of the Table With Marble is universal and will fit into any interior, and it will be perfectly complemented by an original piece of furniture.

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  1. In the nursery, you can use the table as a stand for toys, books, a night light.

Since it is very compact, it can be placed anywhere: by sticking it to the wall, to the window sill, to the bathroom, to other furniture, or even to make a division into zones with its help (if there are no small children or animals).