bathroom jewerly cabinet
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Jewelry Cabinet: Stylish and Convenient Design Solution

Jewelry cabinet from VASAGLE looks practically no different from a regular mirror, but has a secret in the form of compartments for various types of jewelry. It is very convenient and rational solution for many reasons.

Space saving

A wall-mounted version does not take up extra space, as it is included in the design of the mirror. The only difference is the thickness of the structure, it usually ranges from 3 to 15 cm depending on the design and size of the storage compartments.


Having chosen a piece of jewelry, you can immediately try it on and see if it fits, because you are in front of the mirror jewelry cabinet. There is no need to go to a box or drawer, everything you need is at hand and you can very quickly go through several options.

mirror with cabinet
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Saving money

A mirror with compartments for storing jewelry is much cheaper than two elements separately. In addition, installation is simplified, because now you need to secure not two, but one item.

Structures with hinged legs

Most often they are made of wood; the classic white version looks very good. This type of product is distinguished by its large capacity and convenience, since the cabinet has many shelves and drawers for a variety of items.

There are compartments both inside and on the door, which further increases the useful volume. The mirror cabinet is also distinguished by its safety, since the design also has a lock that allows you to lock the doors. Such cabinets are durable and look very stylish in any interior.

cabinet for small things
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Moreover, this piece of furniture can be an excellent gift for any woman or a teenage girl.