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Why Do I Need Agents to Buy in an Online Store?

There are many different opinions on the Internet regarding purchases through intermediaries. Someone does not use their services in principle, buying exclusively in foreign online stores with home delivery. And some customers, on the contrary, make purchases only through intermediaries, even in stores offering free direct delivery. The decision should be made based on the specific situation.

What kind of intermediaries are there?

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Basically, intermediary services can be divided into two types.

  1. Purchase and shipment of goods by an intermediary to the buyer for a certain percentage of the value of the goods or a fixed rate. In this case, the buyer makes, for example, a list of necessary goods for the garden that need to be bought in the store, specifying the size, quantity, colour and sends it to the intermediary. Upon receipt, the intermediary buys back all the ordered goods according to the list and sends them to the buyer.
  2. Postal forwarding. In this case, the intermediary or forwarding company provides a virtual foreign address, which is subsequently indicated by the buyer when ordering goods from the online store. The order arrives at this address, after which it is forwarded to the buyer.

When are intermediaries needed?

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  • The process of online shopping in foreign stores is very complicated, and beginners will need a lot of time and effort to figure it out on their own. Therefore, it is easier to seek the services of an agent who will do everything for you.
  • The online store does not provide direct delivery or does not deliver products of certain brands. In this case, the only way to get to order your favourite products is to contact the services of an agent.
  • Unfavourable conditions for foreign buyers. For example, in the foreign version of the site, prices may be higher and/or access to the sales section, where the most attractive prices are known, is closed. Some stores significantly limit the amount or quantity of items in an order. In all these cases, it is sometimes more profitable to contact an intermediary who will be able to buy goods for you on more attractive and favourable terms.